About Peco | Inspx

Peco | InspX is a leading provider of inspection systems for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.  Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, we combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction to produce high performance, reliable inspection equipment.  From X-Ray inspection to fill level detection, Peco | InspX equipment addresses a broad range of inspection applications.  

Peco InspX Office

Peco Controls Corporation History

Peco Controls was founded in 1953 after developing the first inductive can sensor. Since that time, Peco Controls has continued to develop systems with “no touch” sensing for bottlers, fillers and packagers. Peco has been recognized time and again for it’s innovative, long-lived systems. In fact, Peco systems are created to such high standards that there are processing and manufacturing plants continuing to use Peco systems that were installed as many as thirty years ago.

Peco takes pride in its heritage of invention and innovation and today we offer a complete line of line and process control sensors, modules, container stops and diverters through an established network of global sales and service representatives. Peco's on-going development program is a commitment to our customers that our systems and components offer the greatest value and the most cost effective solutions for today and tomorrow. To find out more about Peco Controls, please continue to browse our website, or call our corporate headquarters at 1-800-732-6285.

InspX Corporate History

InspX is dedicated to the science and application of X-Ray technology in the food and beverage industries. InspX was incorporated in 2000 as a subsidiary of Peco Controls, Peco dating back to 1955.

The Peco Controls legacy is important to understanding the DNA of InspX. Peco has long been a technology and market leader in the inspection of rigid containers – cans, bottles, jars – with their two primary technologies of vacuum/pressure checking to confirm seal integrity of closed containers (also commonly referred to as ‘dud-detection’) and gamma source inspection of contents for fill level/head-space verification. From invention of the now relatively mundane proximity sensor decades ago, to high speed vision systems today, Peco continues as a leader in the inspection and product handling requirements of high speed packaging lines.

In 1997 Peco Controls developed one of the first X-Ray systems for food inspection, and the recognition that application of that technology has far broader appeal than just rigid packaging lines led to the creation of InspX in 2000. Formed as a separate company allows 100% focus on X-Ray inspection, but the ability to leverage the technology and experience resident at Peco.

InspX is headquartered in San Carlos, California; Peco some 80 miles away in Modesto.