Filler Valve Monitoring with Foreign Material Detection

X-Ray inspection for Filler Monitoring

Filler Summary

Valve History

ScanTrac Solo

The combination of filler valve monitoring with ScanTrac Solo X-Ray inspection system will ensure that each container is correctly filled and free from foreign material. In addition to providing insight into filler performance, it also provides advance warning when individual filler valves malfunction.

Foreign Material Detection: The ScanTrac Solo completely inspects every can for fill-level and foreign material. Low-fill and foreign material rejects can be processed through separate ejectors if desired.

Complete Filler Summary Information: Understand overall filler performance through a simple yet detailed summary dashboard.

Specific Fill Valve Detail: Get rich details into the performance of individual fill valves including performance over time and the distribution of fill volumes.

Measure Foam Integration: Measure the amount of foam within your product across filler valves.

Field Proven Design Coupled with Real-Time Support: The ScanTrac Solo is the most popular side-view X-Ray system sold and has demonstrated field-proven reliability in hundreds of installations. The Solo’s Internet link and on-board diagnostic tools assure instantaneous, round-the-clock, support by experienced support technicians.




Advantages of Filler Monitoring

  • Remote Operator Console
    A Remote Console Option is available for the ScanTrac Solo. It allows convenient access up to 20 feet (6 meters) from the x-ray system and conveyor.

  • Operator Display
    Full Color Operator Display Console allows bright display of menu options and enhances easy to use operation. Images display continuously and reject images can be retrieved.

  • Ease of Installation and Small Footprint
    By mounting over existing conveyors up to 8 inches (20 cm) wide, the cost and space required to install are both minimized. The small footprint created by the ScanTrac Main Unit allows installation in many restricted locations.

  • Missing Components
    ScanTrac Systems feature adjustable X-Ray energy levels, expandable digital arrays, proprietary algorithms, and real-time imaging that can be configured for a broad range of applications.