More Good News About the Fastest Fill-Level Monitor in the Market

It Also Has the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

FillTrac – A Fast And Reliable Fill-Level Inspection System

Peco Controls designed the latest version of the FillTrac non-contact fill-monitor to be very reliable and very fast (up to 2400 containers per minute). The newest FillTrac is also very adaptable in supporting a wide variety of applications:

Label Assurance: Assurance of labeled contents in beverage containers including glass bottles, PET bottles, metal cans and composite containers.

Headspace Verification: Verification of minimum head space in food cans for thermal processing requirements.

Average Fill Level Calculation:  Calculation of average fill levels for evaluation of filler performance.

Minimum Solids Content Verification:  Making sure that multiple fill processed food applications have the required minimum amount of solids.

Under and/or Overfill Inspection: Checking for underfull and/or overfill in all liquid packaging including personal care products, automotive  additives, garden supplies and cleaning agents.

Available in Multiple Models:  Available with either a flexible and low-maintenance X-Ray source or economical Gamma isotope model.



Advantages of FillTrac

  • High Speed Applications
    The new Filltrac can support line speeds of up to 2400 containers per minute versus top checkweigher speeds of 600 – 800 containers per minute.  Furthermore, check weigher cost increases substantially with line speed.

  • Changes in Package Weight Don't Pose Problems
    Because glass weights vary greatly, a non-contact fill monitor such as Filltrac is the most reliable approach to fill-checking.  To a checkweigher an under-filled heavy container can appear properly filled.

  • 100% Reliability Even In The Harshest Environments 
    Peco FillTracs are non-contact systems and can operate in harsh environments with little difficulty.  This contrasts with check weighers the must pass the container over a load cell that is mounted on their own conveyor assembly.

  • Installation Ease
    A Peco Filltrac can be installed in less than foot of linear space on a line as contrasted to 4 to 12 feet for checkweighers.