Pouch Leak Detection System

Accurately find and detect leak problems on your production line

The Peco PouchScan system provides a reliable method to find leaks in any kind of pouch. PouchScan works by learning the “squeeze profile” of a good package and it compares every inspected package against that squeeze profile. When a package squeeze profile exceeds the allowable threshold, the package is marked as discrepant and can be ejected from the production line. Because the squeeze profile is a direct measurement of physical characteristics of the pouch, it is extremely accurate (it is capable of detecting holes down to 0.1 mm) and hence has a very small false reject rate (less than 1 in 10,000).



PouchScan Applications

PouchScan is ideal for applications where the package is at or near room temperature and the package can be gently squeezed without damaging the contents. Common applications are shown below:


Why PouchScan is Better Than Other Leak Detection Tools?

For product that is at room temperature, there are very few approaches to accurately detect leaks. Non-contact inspection technology is generally not well suited for products at ambient temperature as this approach relies on a measureable signature from the package that isn’t present in ambient temperature conditions. X-Ray technology provides can provide seal integrity inspection in very specific situations where the leaking product can be detected with x-rays.


PouchScan Specifics

High Accuracy The PouchScan can detect leaks down to 1.0 mm in size, which is approximately the size of a pin hole.

Volume Detection The PouchScan can very successfully verify the volume of any inflated pouch.

Low Cost of Ownership  Because the PouchScan uses simple parts, it is extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

Low False Reject Rate &nbspThe leak detection mechanism in the PouchScan is exceptionally precise, offering a false reject rate of less than 1 in 10,000 inspections.


Model PouchScan
Maximum Pouch Size 11.8 iches x 9.84 inches x 3.54 inches (330mm x 250mm x 90mm)
Speed 180 pouches per minute
Compressed Air 6 bar or sorter
leak Detection 1.0mm
Construction Stainless Steel
Protection Class IP65
Installation Inline
Seal Test/Volume Test Yes/Yes