Food Inspection

High Performance ScanTrac Systems Handle a Wide Variety of Food Inspection Applications

Can Inspection Can Inspection
Missing Component and Void Detection Missing Component and Void Detection
Contaminant Inspection Contaminant Inspection
Checkweighing Checkweighing


InspX: A Company Completely Focused On X-Ray Inspection

InspX has been offering X-Ray inspection technology since 1985. Today we offer the most advanced inspection systems on the market. Our proprietary software algorithms enable us to find defects and contaminants that others simply can’t. Unfortunately, X-Ray technology cannot find every contaminant due to limitations drawn from physics, but if something is X-Ray detectable then ScanTrac systems have the best chances of finding it!

InspX: Proven Results At Very High Scale

Every day ScanTrac systems inspect over 120 million pieces of product across 6 continents. Our systems excel in providing robust and reliable inspection services in the most demanding environments. We have a proven track record in inspecting both packaged and unprocessed food.

Commonly Detected Contaminants

Our systems can find a wide array of contaminants, including:


Hard plastic
Certain Hard Plastics

Don't see the contaminant that you are interested in listed above? Click here for instructions on how to send us a product sample for evaluation.


Packaged Foods

ScanTrac systems are currently deployed to perform a wide variety of inspections on food containers and the contents within the container, including:

  • Container Integrity Verification
  • Contaminant Inspection (glass, metal, stone, bones, and other foreign matter)
  • Fill Level -€“ Product Fill Height
  • Void - Air Pocket in Product
  • Weight Checking

Package Food Inspection can be carried out by two types of ScanTrac models:

  • Top-Down
  • Side View

Unpackaged Foods

InspX has considerable expertise in inspecting unprocessed or unpackaged foods in the form of material transmitted in pipes and loose material on a conveyor. Today we have fielded systems supporting the following applications:

Material in Pipes

  • Chicken
  • Potatoes and other vegetables
  • Ground Beef

Loose Materials

  • Bread
  • Listing 2
  • 50 Pound Bag

A benefit of inspecting food prior to processing is that source material contaminants can be detected before they can do damage to processing equipment. Furthermore, the cost of a raw material reject is often minimized compared to the cost of rejecting a fully packaged final product.

Food Inspection Emergencies

Many food packagers get introduced to the benefits of X-Ray technology when they have an unexpected contamination event.

No other X-Ray solutions provider is capable of better assisting you with an emergency than InspX. In most cases, we can ship a system on the same day from our factory and we can get it to your facility FAST. Furthermore, we offer short-term leases with the option to buy at the end of the lease so that you have the option to purchase the equipment long term once your contamination issue has been resolved.

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