ScanTrac: A-Series


The A-series combines the innovative linear array technology with advanced sensitivity, speed and sophistication of detection. Thus, the system not only demonstrates superior performance in identifying contaminants, such as metal, stone, glass, bone and plastics, but can also detect missing or broken products and packing voids. These x-ray inspection systems are widely deployed in the food processing industry and can be used for any product format including trays, pouches, cases, bottles, cans and loose product. They easily fit into the existing conveyor system, and the quick release belt allows simple dismantling and cleaning.

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How The A-series Works

The A-series leverages top-down design that inspects product from the top of the container and a detector array underneath the conveyor captures the X-Ray image. An illustration of how the top-down inspection process works is shown on the left.

Key Machine Features

  • Automatic Calibration
    Detector calibration is a one-touch function that takes less than a minute. The system automatically analyses product variations to continuously achieve optimum sensitivity throughout production.

  • Remote Diagnostics
    InspX can address over 90% of machine problems using its advanced remote diagnostics tools, which means that service costs and machine downtime is minimized.

  • Intuitive User-Friendliness
    Rugged and easy-to-use system features multiple product memories, on-line diagnostics, auto-calibration, step-by-step set-up menu, and remote monitoring for unmatched ease of installation, set-up, and operation. Relatively inexperienced personnel achieve optimal inspections with minimal training.

  • Operator Display
    Full Color Operator Display Console allows bright display of menu options and enhances easy to use operation. Images display continuously and reject images can be retrieved.

  • Automatic setup
    The A-series system automatically recalculates the parameters as each product is inspected to achieve optimum sensitivity – automatically.

  • Wash-Down and Easy Maintenance Design
    The stainless steel cabinet is designed for wash-down environments. It is available in sealing standards from IP65 and NEMA4 up to IP69 and PW12.


Inspection Resolution

Inspection of the product flow is achieved by high performance computer image analysis system, making A-series superior at providing immediate analysis, detection and rejection.



  • Metal contaminants

  • Glass
  • Stone contaminants

Supported Inspection Applications:

The A-series inspection system can inspectany discrete packaged items such as confectionary, fresh and frozen products, bakery and ready meals. These inspection systems are also ideal for loose product flows such as raisins, nuts and freeze-dried fruit.

InspX ScanTrac side view systems have some of the most powerful inspection capabilities available. We encourage you to put us to the test and arrange for a test inspection of your product today!



Note that inspection capabilities do vary depending on the product being inspected. Please contact InspX for more details regarding inspection performance for your application.