ScanTrac Pipeline: Fermata Trio


The ScanTrac Fermata Trio System is a 'Pipeline' X-Ray inspection system designed for inspecting bulk product for low density foreign materials, such as bone and glass.

Supported Inspection Applications:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Tomatoes
  • Sauces and Liquids
  • Conveyed Product (Flumes)
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ScanTrac Fermata Trio - How The Fermata Trio Works

The ScanTrac Fermata Trio uses the InspX side view triple beam inspection architecture. This architecture leverages three high performance X-Ray beams that pass horizontally through the pipeline conveying the product. The three beams optimize contaminant detection by inspecting product from three different angles, ensuring that even the smallest bone fragments are found.

Key Machine Features

  • Quick Pipeline Release
    The Fermata Trio can be completely disconnected from its associated pipeline in a matter of minutes for cleaning.

  • Ease of Installation and Small Footprint
    By mounting on existing pipeline (2-inch to 4-inch), the cost and space required to install are both minimized. The small footprint created by the ScanTrac Main Unit allows installation in many restricted locations.

  • Accuracy at High Speeds
    ScanTrac Inspection Systems set new standards for speed and accuracy by performing multiple high-resolution inspections on bulk product while detecting a wide range of contaminants or foreign objects in bulk product including metal, shards of glass, stones, bone, rubber, and even low-contrast images such as plastics in powders without compromise at pipeline speeds up to 300 gallons per minute.

  • Remote Diagnostics
    InspX can address over 90% of machine problems using its advanced remote diagnostics tools, which means that service costs and machine downtime is minimized.

  • Simultaneous Inspections
    ScanTrac Systems can detect contaminants, components, and voids while simultaneously determining density, fill level, and fill volume.

  • Versatility
    ScanTrac Systems feature adjustable X-Ray energy levels, expandable digital arrays, proprietary algorithms, and real-time imaging that can be configured for a broad range of applications.

  • Targeted Rejection
    Contaminated product is identified and diverted or rejected down-stream.

  • Intuitive User- Friendliness
    Rugged and easy-to-use ScanTrac's intuitive interface features multiple product memories, on-line diagnostics, auto-calibration, a step-by-step set-up menu, and remote monitoring for unmatched ease of installation, set-up, and operation. Relatively inexperienced personnel achieve optimal inspections with minimal training.

  • Communications Options
    Operational status can be monitored locally and remotely through high speed Internet connection for continuous support.

  • Remote Operator Console
    A Remote Console option is available for the ScanTrac Fermata Trio. It allows convenient access up to 20 feet (6 meters) from the X-Ray system and conveyor. Click here to view the Remote Operator Console.

  • Operator Display
    Full Color Operator Display Console allows bright display of menu options and enhances easy to use operation. Images display continuously and reject images can be retrieved.

  • NEMA4 / IP65 Enclosure
    Compact Design allows operation in washdown area and within existing packaging lines.

ScanTrac Pipeline Inspection Resolution

ScanTrac Pipeline X-Ray Inspection Systems are designed to provide the best detection capability for products moving through pipes.



  • Metal contaminants

  • Glass
  • Stone contaminants

InspX's ScanTrac Pipeline Systems have some of the most powerful inspection capabilities available. We encourage you to put us to the test and arrange for a test inspection of your product today!



Note that inspection capabilities do vary depending on the product being inspected. Please contact InspX for more details regarding inspection performance for your application.