Comprehensive Contaminant Detection

Metal Can Inspection

The Best Solution To Inspect Cans And The Product In Them – Fast and Accurately

X-Ray inspection technology is the most robust way to inspect metal cans. ScanTrac systems can find defects and contaminants that other inspection solutions simply can’t detect. Metal detectors, for example, are not capable of reliably finding contaminants in metal containers.

Special Features for Cans

  1. Can Inspection
    Upside down cans
    Seam irregularities
    Trim-ring detection
  2. Content Verification
    Foreign body detection
    Fill level – product fill height
    Void – air pocket in product
    Head-space verification
  3. High Speeds
    Up to 2,400 containers per minute

Comprehensive Contaminant Detection
Glass - Metal - Stones - Bones

ScanTrac systems can find a wide variety of contaminants in metal cans, including but not limited to metal, glass, stones and bones

  1. Metal
  2. Glass
  3. Stones
  4. Bones

ScanTrac Minimizes False Rejects

The best inspection systems need to both find defects when they occur and minimize false rejects. False rejects are expensive not just due to the loss of salable product but because of the labor allocated to addressing them.

ScanTrac minimizes rejects because it offers an exceptionally repeatable inspection process that is not sensitive to temperature, humidity, condition of product, etc.

In many applications the false reject rate on ScanTrac systems is on the order of 1:100,000!