InspX Factory Certification Service

Factory Certification

Ensure That Your X-Ray System Exceeds Operational and Safety Standards

InspX recommends that operators routinely review their inspection equipment to validate that it is operating correctly and providing the required level of inspection performance. Operators should also ensure that inspection machines, including X-Ray machines, are in compliance with all applicable safety regulations. Furthermore, many states require that X-Ray systems receive an annual safety certification and that such safety validation be performed by a 3rd party organization.

InspX is pleased to offer a Factory Certification Service during which our factory-trained technicians will completely review your ScanTrac X-Ray inspection system. Our technicians will conduct over 50 separate tests to ensure that your ScanTrac fully meets the appropriate inspection and safety requirements. Furthermore, our technicians are also capable of performing a safety validation of 3rd party machines while they are in your facility (note that technicians cannot perform a full system certification of 3rd party machines).

InspX recommends that operators certify their ScanTrac machines at least annually; machines in special environments may require more frequent certification.

An Important Reminder about the Machine Certification Process

The certification process is an evaluation of your ScanTrac machine at a point in time. Our annual evaluation program is designed to review key system parameters frequently enough to ensure peak inspection performance. However, because operators can change system inspection settings, InspX recommends, as part of best practices for any inspection machine, that you regularly check the machine settings to ensure that the machine is operating correctly. ScanTrac operators should also implement a regular challenge test program.

The Components of the
InspX Factory Certification Process

The InspX Factory Certification Program covers over 50 specific inspections your ScanTrac including:

  1. System CheckoutReview of all the hardware, evaluation of wear components and recommended maintenance.
  2. Software ReviewEnsure that the ScanTrac software is the most recent revision.
  3. Remote Diagnostic ConnectionEnsure that machine can be accessed via a remote connection.
  4. Operational EffectivenessEnsure that the machine is capable of delivering required inspection performance.
  5. Ejector OperationEnsure that the ejector is capable of ejecting the range of inspected containers. Test ejector and confirm settings.
  6. Radiation SurveyConduct a safety survey with the appropriate meter and issue a report.
  7. Assurance ReportProvide an official summary of certification findings.
  8. Many MoreOur factory certification program will include all of these plus nearly 50 other inspections.

Upon completing the process, your InspX technician will affix a sticker to the machine and will deliver to you an assurance report summarizing the findings of the certification process.

Contact your Peco and InspX sales representative to request a factory certification of your machine or please call InspX at (510) 226 – 6686 to schedule a service visit.