Inspect Your Containers, Their Fill Level & Their Contents

Beverage Inspection

The Fastest Inspection Solution That Exists For The Beverage Industry

With deep experience in the beverage industry, InspX and Peco Controls offers the beverage industry robust solutions for inspecting metal, glass, and plastic beverage containers. Our reliable, high speed solutions support the following:

  1. Container inspectionMake sure that your beverage container is defect free.
  2. Fill Level VerificationEnsure that all containers are filled to the proper height.
  3. Label VerificationEnsure that a label is properly applied to each container.
  4. Cap VerificationEnsure that each container cap is securely applied.
  5. Case InspectionInspect whole cases at full-line speeds to ensure that they are free from:
    Under-Filled Containers
    Missing Containers
    Broken Containers
    Empty Containers

What Makes Peco InspX
X-Ray Systems Different?

Peco InspX X-Ray inspection systems are the result of significant research and development work. All X-Ray inspection systems feature 3 basic systems:

  1. X-Ray tube It generates the X-Rays required to take an X-Ray image.
  2. Imaging Hardware It transforms the x-ray image into a digital format that can be processed by a computer.
  3. Processing SoftwareIt finds the actual defects in the product being inspected.

There are a number of vendors who supply these components to various X-Ray equipment providers—however Peco InspX ScanTrac systems are different in that they use the absolute best in class systems to deliver a superior inspection capability. Peco InspX also places significant focus on software capabilities. All of our software is developed by our dedicated software engineering team based in Silicon Valley, California. If you have an application that may benefit from X-Ray inspection, please contact us to learn more about how we can be of assistance.