Advanced Analytics

Operations Guardian

Operation Guardian is our Advanced Analytics for Food Inspection

The Power of Actionable Data

There is an old saying that whatever gets measured gets improved. At Peco | InspX, a big part of our approach to inspection is to ensure ready access to all the critical inspection information — that’s why we created Operations Guardian. We also provide the tools needed to correctly interpret inspection data in order to efficiently run and continuously improve your operation.

Get Powerful Insight Into Your Operation

Operations Guardian collects all key information about the inspection process, and it provides considerable insight on many vital metrics:

  1. Configuration MonitoringGenerating a clear and accurate inspection image is the most critical aspect to the entire X-Ray inspection process – and correct machine configuration settings are essential to a quality inspection. The combination of our extensive training program and Operation Guardian’s continuous real-time monitoring ensure that your ScanTrac is properly configured to produce the best inspection possible.
  2. Reject AnalysisOperations Guardian automatically archives all rejects and sorts them into buckets by type. This type of data can be useful for comparing the types of rejects on each line and for doing root cause analysis. Operations Guardian also flags likely false rejects and recommends setup changes (where appropriate) to prevent similar false rejects from happening in the future.
  3. Supplier AnalysisOperations Guardian can compare the performance of two different segments in time. This type of data can be useful for comparing the quality of raw materials between two vendors. In the example below, one vendor is supplying beans with 8x the number of rocks and other contaminants of another vendor.
  4. Challenge AnalysisOperations Guardian stores objective evidence of the analysis of each challenge piece. If you need to review whether a particular production line had a challenge test at a specific date and time, Operations Guardian can answer that question in seconds!
  5. BenchmarkingOperations Guardian makes it easy to compare performance within a line (for example comparing metrics from one shift to another) or across lines (for example if you want to understand how all four of your green bean canning lines stack up). Furthermore, Operations Guardian doesn’t just tell you the differences, it gives you insight into how those differences are created.

Operations Guardian Delivers
Real-Time Data Securely.

InspX developed its Operations Guardian cloud-based data platform with two critical goals in mind:

  1. Real-Time AvailabilityThe food packaging industry often operates 24X7 and our customers depend on real-time data to manage their operations. Our Operations Guardian continuously reflects the real-time status of all of your ScanTrac systems. Furthermore, all data is accessible from our cloud platform, which means that you can get real-time information from your PC or your tablet or smart phone.
  2. Maximum SecurityOperations Guardian is designed to the same level of security requirements as those used in the financial services industry to safeguard transactions like online banking and credit card transaction processing. We take your data very seriously and have put considerable safeguards in place to ensure that only you and those you designate have access to your data. Furthermore, all security elements are regularly audited by a 3rd party computer security firm to ensure complete compliance with the most rigorous security standards.