FillTrac Filler Valve Monitor

Fill-level monitoring with integrated filler valve monitoring and sampling.

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Key Stats

3,000 cpm
Remote access
For easy setup & maintenance
Multiple options
Cap and closure faults such as missing & cocked
Made in the USA

Typical Applications

Inspects for minimum fill
Confirms minimum head space for proper thermal processing
Assures contents present in multiple fill operations prior to liquid filling
Detects low pressure PET bottles when liquid level falls

The FillTrac Valve Monitor offers the latest in technology.

The FillTrac Filler Valve Monitor System integrates Peco’s 30 year experience in Valve Monitoring with the latest in technology to provide the best performance available in a compact, easy to use, and environmentally sound design.

Tech Specs

Model FillTrac FVM G or X
Machine Architecture Side View
Conveyor Mounts over the customer’s existing conveyor. No transfer points, product contact
Line Speed Up to 3000 containers/minute
Environment IP 65
Ambient Temperature 1°C – 40°C
Power Requirements 115VAC or 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 845 x 185 x 420 mm


Volumetric Measurement Principle

The FillTrac Filler Valve Monitor uses either an X-ray or Gamma radiation source and a receiver. The volume in the container will change the radiation count proportionally to the vertical fill level. The radiation count recorded will be translasted into a volumetric measurement (i.e. milliliters, ounces) based on the setup parameters established during the calibration process.

Fill Level Monitor

In addition to monitoring filler valve performance, the FillTrac operates as a Fill Level Monitor to ensure proper fill level in every container. Rejects for low fill level can be rejected separate from the containers sampled using the Automated Sampling option.

Cap Inspection

Using additional sensors mounted in the inspection area, the FillTrac Filler Valve Monitor can inspect for high, cocked, or missing caps. Containers with a cap fault are subsequently rejected using one of Peco InspX wide range of rejection devices.

Sampling Option

Automated or manual sampling can be enabled that’s either time or count based. A single container can be sampled to help troubleshoot faulty valves, or an entire rotation of the filler or seamer head can be sampled.


Automated Printing

Our automated printing option allows fully automatic printing of detailed sampling information on each container, which eliminates the need for an expensive takeaway conveyor to properly sequence samples.