Walking the Walk

What Peco InspX can do?

Let’s continue the discussion about the videos and media we make that show our machines in action. 

A lot of what we do has historically focused on rigid containers, like glass or cans. But a lot of our expanded focus with our enhanced technology is for what most people consider “top-down applications”. The advantage we bring to the table is our high-resolution machines can do what no one else can (if you’ve been following our videos, you’ll have noticed that we’re very proud of our machines’ capabilities). 

Part of the purpose of these videos is to show – not just tell – what we can do. The extremely accurate multi-part check weighing; the foreign material and seal detection – these are things that need to be seen to be believed. They can ensure you have food safety and save you operational dollars.

We want to be a conduit to inform the food and beverage industry about what’s possible so they can have confidence about these new technologies. We’re doing these things for a lot of people. But because of our dedicated engineering, we’re able to design and tailor machines to meet the specific needs of each company. Other companies just don’t do this to the extent we do. 

We’re not just delivering boxes to customers and turning them on. We’re a turn-key engineering company that builds things for people with holistic solutions. 

If you have any specific topics you would like us to cover, please let us know!

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