Peco InspX Shield

The Highest Performance X-Ray Inspection Platform for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Applications

The Future of X-Ray
Product Inspection

The All-new Shield Inspection Platforms were designed with the future of X-Ray Product Inspection in mind:

  1. Hygienic Industrial Design All surfaces on the machine are drafted to be self-draining and prevent fluid pooling whilst having the most robust environmental management systems for the harshest ambient conditions. If any surfaces do require cleaning, the product zones are designed for easy, tool-less access.
  2. Even Better Imaging Performance The Shield detectors have built in switchable 0.2mm, 0.4mm and 0.8mm resolutions, whilst Peco InspX uses only the most advanced X-Ray tubes available as they allow for the highest signal-to-noise ratios and highest contrast images.
  3. Faster Operation Speeds The Shield platforms are designed for very high speed (up to 2,400 containers/min)  operations. The combination of the high power X-Ray tube and advanced inspection software enables maximum inspection performance.
  4. Brand New User Interface We have developed a brand new easy to use user interface that will come installed with the Shield Platforms. The new software is more powerful whilst being more intuitive to use. Even those with minimal training will find that the icon-driven designs are intuitive to use.