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Fill level monitoring & inspection has become the industry standard for ensuring packages of any type and contents, among many other things, are filled to the correct height.  At Peco-Inspx our non-contact fill level monitoring solutions are designed to operate with 100% reliability even when exposed to the harshest conditions. While our FillTrac system is the class leading fill level inspection technology, it's this combined with knowledgeable service, product and engineering staff are what really set Peco-Inspx apart and allow our customers to worry about one less thing.


Fill Level Inspection In Action

The number of applicable situations for fill level monitoring systems is virtually endless, and here at Peco-Inspx we work with vast array of companies with each having differing project specifications.  When we deisigned the Peco-Inspx FillTrac system our goal was to make a machine to handle any application.

  • Label Assurance: Assurance of labeled contents in beverage containers including glass bottles, PET bottles, metal cans and composite containers.
  • Headspace Verification: Verification of minimum head space in food cans for thermal processing requirements.
  • Average Fill Level Calculation:  Calculation of average fill levels for evaluation of filler performance.
  • Minimum Solids Content Verification:  Making sure that multiple fill processed food applications have the required minimum amount of solids.
  • Under and/or Overfill Inspection: Checking for underfull and/or overfill in all liquid packaging including foods, drinks, personal care products, automotive additives, garden supplies and cleaning agents.
  • Available in Multiple Models:  Available with either a flexible and low-maintenance X-Ray source or economical Gamma isotope model.


Fill Level Monitoring vs Check Weighing Inspection

Check weighing systems while similar to fill level inspection systems provide a vastly different function and are obviously subject to changes in container and content weight or density.  In some situations check weighing technology is the appropriate choice to ensure your package has been filled correctly, but in many instances fill level monitoring systems are far better suited to the task.  

  • Fill level monitoring systems offer far superior accuracy regardless changes in package weight or variable shapes
  • Much greater speed, 2400 containers per minute vs 600-800 containers per minute for the top check weighing systems.  
  • Fill level inspection machines only take up one cubic foot of space when compared to a check weighing machine that need 4-14 cubic feet.  

If you're unsure which is the appropriate system/s for you company needs, send us a quick message and we'll be happy to assist you - even if it means directing you to another company.


Fill Level Monitoring - Specific Industries

Interested in learning a little more about fill level inspection and directly how it applies to your specific industry?  Here are links to individual pages that will provide a little more detail on fill level monitoring and check weighing inspection:

Metal Cans

Plastic Bottles

Glass Bottles

Composite Containers

Would just prefer to contact us to get your fill level inspection and check weighing questions answered? Great, you'll find out contact info here!