Pouches & Sachets

Web and belt conveyed products running at potentially high speeds can benefit from an in-line X-ray inspection for foreign contaminants. Stand-up pouches match their inspection profile with ScanTrac side view systems.

An increasingly popular package in the food and nutraceutical markets is the packet and pouch. These can be manufactured from paper, plastic, metalized film or aluminum foil and can range in size from the very small (ketchup, mustard) to snack size (chips, baby food) to economy (popped popcorn, whey/protein powders, pet food).

Peco InspX’ renown X-ray inspection architecture provides the highest level of speed and contaminant detection capability. The compact inspection assembly can inspect as the pouches travel vertically and installs in a short linear space with minimum disruption to line operations.

Altermatively, side-view inspections of stand-up pouches conveyed independently can be installed directly over existing lines for non-contact X-ray inspection. Peco InspX' advanced software minimizes false rejects and makes it quick and easy to change the inspection setup for different types of products.


Product Examples

Snack Packs


Stand Up Pouches

Packet Web

Nut Butters

Salad Dressing

Baby Food