Bulk Product Flow, Raw Materials & Ingredients

With bulk inspection, you don't just want an X-ray machine: you want an inspection solution. Material handling in bulk inspection is critical - such that if it doesn't work well, the entire solution is compromised. Peco InspX designs solutions with material handling in mind.

In some bulk operations for products like nuts, beans or dried fruit, color sorters are used extensively to remove items from the product stream that aren't intended to be there. However, these sorters don’t do a very good job with dense materials like rocks given that rocks appear quite similar to nuts, beans or raisins to a color sorter - it just can't distinguish between the two.

An X-ray inspection system excels at identification of foreign material because the density differences in rocks, glass, metal or even hard plastics are exceptionally well-detected in bulk systems. The product is normally almost mono-layered on top of the belt, which allows an incredibly high-fidelity inspection.

Couple that with a rejection solution that matches your expected defect rate; to minimize the amount of product you're rejecting. A waterfall air-blast system or a lift gate can target removal of identified product strategically. Developing a holistic solution – designed to handle your flow rate, and your expected rate of product defect occurrence and ejection is key. At Peco InspX we've invested in a variety of bulk conveyors to model your real-life conditions in our facility in Modesto. Let us help you create a solution that optimizes your quality product output.


Product Examples

Formed & Finished Product (Including Chubs)

Dried Fruits

Fresh Ingredients


Legumes & Beans