Pumped Products

Inspecting pumped product in the pipeline - before it enters a package - drives down waste costs (product and package) while improving quality and alerting production managers early to equipment malfunctions.

Less viscous product often moves through the food process in pipelines. Permanent magnet and metal detector systems provide many food packagers with a first level of screening prior to putting the lid on the can or the cap on the jar since they cannot be used after the package is completed. With full container X-ray systems showing the frequency of contaminants in the finished package, as well as the expanding the detectable range of foreign material beyond metal contaminants, the extension of X-ray to pipelines has been a natural.

Pipeline inspection systems can be installed over a range of pipe diameters - typically between 2" and 4". X-ray inspection systems such as the ScanTrac Fermata can be installed anywhere in the pumped product flow where mass can be moved uniformly.

By inspecting through an X-ray friendly portion of pipe, such as PEEK, the product can be imaged without any interference from the walls of a container. The more uniform the flow, the better the resolution of the X-ray image can be.


Product Examples

Vegetables & Fruits


Slurries, Soups & Liquid Foods



Personal Care Products