Large Format Containers

Large containers can prove difficult to fully inspect - let Peco InspX X-ray inspection detect the seemingly undetectable.

When packaging in large containers - up to five gallons - inspection equipment must accommodate both abnormal package dimensions as well as the challenges of a large volume of product to "see" through. While some manufacturers rely on metal detection systems for inspection, this solution is limited in the scope and scale of detectable foreign contaminants.

Firstly, a metal detecting inspection system will only be able to detect metal contaminants. This leaves all other possible contaminants undetectable, including glass, stones, bones, and plastics. Metal detectors also tend to be worse at reliably detecting stainless steel and other non-ferrous metallic sources of foreign material.

Secondly, most metal detector systems are only capable of finding metallic contaminants with at least one dimension larger than 5.0 - 6.0 millimeters. Smaller contaminants will likely be missed and make it to the end user.

For a more complete evaluation for foreign contaminants, X-ray inspection is recommended. Not only can an X-ray inspection system detect many different types of contaminants - such as glass, bone, stone, high density plastics and metal - it is also capable of detecting much smaller contaminants than other inspection solutions. A pail or case inspection system from Peco InspX is capable of detecting contaminants as small as 1.5 to 2.0 millimeters, and glass contaminants as small as 5.0 millimeters in a five-gallon container.


Product Examples

Gallon Jugs

Food Service Pails

Stand Up Pouches

Large Powder Cannisters

Tubs of Condiments

Oversized Cans

Gallon Jars

Large Blocks of Cheese