Cheese & Dairy

From large format cheese blocks to processed shingles to pumped soft dairy products, Peco InspX can comprehensively inspect your cheese and dairy products for foreign contaminants and defects.

Foreign material can enter the cheese and dairy manufacturing process throughout the supply chain. Machine parts (such as O-rings), cheese wire and other environmental debris can be detected using a range of Peco InspX' single and multiple beam X-ray solutions.

In addition to flagging contaminants within the block or pipeline product, Peco InspX systems can identify discrepancies in packaged products including errors in cheese shingling, missing product or fill level and voids in tubs.


Product Examples

Block Cheese

Shingled Cheese

Shredded Cheese

Cottage Cheese/Sour Cream in Bulk

Tubs of Finished Soft Product

Milk & Milk-Based Beverages