Glass Containers - Food and Beverage

Manage the risk of glass packaging with multi-beam advanced X-ray inspection systems.

Glass containers offer an array of consumer benefits. However they also pose some real challenges in container manufacturing and food and beverage operations in the form of defects. During manufacturing, glass containers can incur a host of defects that are serious food safety risks – including material cracks, chips, wall inclusions and more esoteric defects like bird swings. Dangerous glass shards can be accidentally introduced to containers during operations. Because of this risk, every glass container should be inspected.

Peco InspX partners with glass manufacturers, packagers and end-customers to make sure their products are defect-free. We understand the ins-and-outs of the glass making process; considering unique factors such as mold variation and container handling. The net result is a fully designed system that exceeds specifications leveraging unique X-ray inspection technologies.


Product Examples

Jars of All Sizes (Up to 1 Gallon)

Beverage Bottles

Food Jars

Baby Food

Personal Care & Beauty Product - Jars & Bottles

Pharmaceutical Vials & Bottles

Empty Glass Inspection

Bottled Condiments

Inspection Solutions



Multiple beam system well suited for larger glass containers including gallon sized jars



Tri-beam side view non-contact X-ray system for high-speed inspections