Whether your protein inspection focuses on bulk or packaged product, Peco InspX delivers unparalleled detection performance with minimal waste due to false rejects.

Peco InspX offers solutions for the full supply chain of protein manufacturing. Upstream inspection of pipeline and belt conveyed product can detect foreign material in layers of ground meat, chicken pieces, and bacon slices, among many other applications. Downstream packaged inspection can accommodate a broad range of formats from pouches of tuna, cans of fish and chicken, flat packs of fresh to market protein, and commercial delivery formats such as chubs.

With a high value product such as protein, identification of contaminants early in processing allows manufacturers to maximize yields and ensure the highest quality product for their customers.

Traceability of packaged products to match inspection images with downstream distribution and consumption allows rapid and precise identification of any compromised packages before they are introduced to consumers.

With Peco InspX' next generation Operations Guardian management software suite, efforts toward increased automation and remote management of production lines is optimized.


Product Examples

Ground Proteins

Pumped Meats

Processed Meats Including Bacon and Bacon Bits

Formed Deli Meats

Canned Fish and Meats

Pouched "Ready to Eat" and Industrial Fish and Meats

Flat Pack Fish and Meats

Filet and Whole Protein Inspection