Versatile Multiple Inspection System

Identifies & Rejects defective containers for as many as four different inspections performed simultaneously

The MultiTrac can operate as an ejector-controller for removing defective containers from a production line conveyor or as a stand-alone inspection. In a typical application inspection begins when the leading edge of a container enters the “inspection zone” and ends when the trailing edge exits the zone.

Data Acquisition: The MultiTrac can continuously accumulate data and simultaneously tabulate and display inspections, production rates and distribution statistics in real-time.

Multi-Product Memory: The MultiTrac’s multi-product memory minimizes down-time at change over by recalling up to eight inspections and rejection parameters.

Ruggedly engineered for long term durability: The MultiTrac is engineered in a NEMA4 enclosure for long-term survivability in the harshest environment.

User Friendly: The MultiTrac offers the convenience and flexibility of online help and step by step setup. On board diagnostics readily detect and pinpoint any cause of system failure. Multiple product memory and flexible inspection parameters ensure quick changeovers on multi-product lines.

Rejector Options: MultiTrac can be used with any of Peco’s low maintenance case or container rejecters. Peco’s high-speed container rejecters smoothly reject any size or shape of open or closed container.



Inspections can be performed simultaneously to Reject:

  • Missing Caps

  • Cocked Caps

  • Missing labels

  • Missing Dust Covers

  • Missing or Open Flaps  

  • Missing Components

  • Inverted Containers