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ScanTracs Find A Wide Range of Contaminants

ScanTrac systems can find a wide range of contaminants in glass containers, including but not limited to:



Specialized Features For Plastic Containers

Missing Nozzle
Find a missing nozzle on a plastic medicine bottle.
Over- Fill
Ensures that containers are not filled beyond a maximum amount.
Ensures that containers are not filled under a minimum amount.
Cocked/raised cap
Ensures that caps are properly and securely in place.

The Advantages of ScanTrac

Smart Technology

Our remote diagnostics system can solve 90% of problems without a technician visit.

Smart Analytics

Get deep insight into inspection performance that will help your entire business run more smoothly!

Best in Class Cost of Ownership

ScanTracs are among the most robust X-Ray inspection machines on the market. This means that they cost less to own and are available with a very affordable extended maintenance offering!

ScanTrac Minimizes False Rejects

The best inspection systems need to both find defects when they occur and minimize false rejects. False rejects are expensive not just due to the loss of salable product but because of the labor allocated to addressing them.

ScanTrac minimizes rejects because it offers an exceptionally repeatable inspection process that is not sensitive to temperature, humidity, condition of product, etc.

In many applications the false reject rate on ScanTrac systems is on the order of 1:100,000!

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Recommended ScanTrac Models

ScanTrac Solo & Solo Plus


The ScanTrac Solo (and Solo Plus) can find a variety of contaminants in plastic containers, including metal, glass, bones, rubber and certain types of plastic.

Solo Highlights

  • Any rigid plastic container (including metalized lids)
  • Speeds up to 2400 containers per minute
  • High performance beryllium X-Ray tube

Typical Applications

  • Yogurt plastic cups with metalized foil lids
  • Plastic beverage containers
  • Gallon milk and juice jugs

ScanTrac Crescendo


The ScanTrac Crescendo is ideally suited for taller plastic containers.

Crescendo Highlights

  • Patented vertically adjustable X-Ray beam
  • Speeds up to 2400 containers per minute
  • High performance beryllium X-Ray tubes

Typical Applications

  • Taller rigid containers
  • Gallon plastic buckets

Note that the suitability of the Crescendo or the Solo for an application is driven by the complete container dimensions.

ScanTrac Atempo


The ScanTrac Atempo is design to inspect product in plastic tubs or trays.

Atempo Highlights

  • Inspect tubs up to 11 inches wide 
  • Conveyor speeds up to 230 linear feet per minute
  • Compact footprint – the Atempo can take as little as 24 linear inches of conveyor line

Typical Applications

  • Plastic trays for frozen meals
  • Clamshell salad containers