Automated High Speed Sampling System

For Heat Sealed Products


The SampleTrac is designed to be an exceptionally reliable and easy to use high-speed sampling system that automatically tracks containers through the filling and seaming process. The system features a linux based software platform running on full computer, which provides exceptional sampling flexibility on the highest speed lines.


Single Container Sampling

 The SampleTrac can manually sample from one specific filler or seamer head or it can sample from all heads.

Filler Sampling

 Inputs from the sensors mounted in the filler, provide identification of each can by filler position and are tracked from the discharge of the filler to the inspection point to confirm exit and arrival.

Full Automated Sampling

  The SampleTrac can be easily programmed to conduct periodic automatic sampling of individual heads or the entire filler or seamer.

Seamer Sampling

  The SampleTrac allows automatic sampling of filled cans after discharge from the seamer. The sampling feature uses inputs from the sensors mounted on the seamer, to automatically track cans through the seamer.

Optional Automated Printing

  Our automated printing option allows fully automatic printing of detailed sampling information on each container, which eliminates the need for an expensive takeaway conveyor to properly sequence samples.




Model SampleTrac
Line Speed Up to 1500 containers
Operator Interface Touchscreen monitor 17.0"
Sampling Mode Manual or fully automatic
Construction Food Grade Stainless Steel
Ambient Temperature 32°F-122°F (0°C-50°C)
Power Requirements 120VAC or 230VAC 50/60 single phase, 30W
Container Ejection Full lineup of ejection options available