Verification of Vacuum and Pressure Integrity

VacTrac: One of the Most Popular Dud Detectors on the Market

VacTrac Pressure/Vacuum Monitoring: Fast, Reliable and Easy to Use

The VacTrac is a very high speed (up to 2000 containers per minute) container pressure and vacuum verification system. The VacTrac uses an inductive sensor to measure the amount of lid deflection for a given container against a reference good container. The VacTrac has proven to be an accurate and reliable system, having inspected well over 10 million containers.


Easy Dud Detection Setup

  • Step 1
    Verify Correct Sensor Adjustment

  • Step 2
    Learn Good Containers

  • Step 3
    Learn Bad Containers

  • Step 4
    Start Inspecting!

Monitor Any Metal or Combination Metal Closure

Four Quick Disconnect Sensors cover the entire range of vacuum or pressure packed containers making for fast changeovers.

  • C5278-18
    For lid sizes of less than 2 inches (50mm)

  • C5278-25
    For lid sizes ranging from 2 inches (50mm) to 4 1/2 inches (115mm), or where lid deflection on a can is less than 3/8 inch (10mm) from chime to lid center

  • C5278-36
    For lid sizes of 4 1/2 inches (115mm) and larger or where the lid deflection and container clearance is greater than 3/8 inch (10mm)

  • C5278-42
    For deep profile containers such as No. 10 coffee cans where the total sensing distance is more than 5/8 inch (16mm)

Model Specifications

Power Requirements
Operating Environment
Operating Parameters
115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 30W
Temperature 50° to 120°F (control enclosure);
0° to 160° F (sensor assembly);
Relative Humidity 1% to 95%
Stainless Steel Enclosures and Housings with acetyl co-polymer fixtures
Control Enclosure 16” x 16” x 7”
Sensor Assembly adjusts to fit line
Contact Peco-InspX for specifics
Up to 2000 containers per minute
±.005" change in lid deflection (steel)