Inspect Any Size and Shape of Box

Box Inspection

The Best Solution To Inspect Boxes And Cartons – Fast and Accurately

Accurately Detect Foreign Material in Boxes

ScanTrac X-ray systems can inspect for foreign materials in boxes moving at full line speeds : up to 700 linear feet per minute. Additionally, ScanTrac’s advanced software can accommodate a wide range of irregularly shaped cardboard containers, including cartons and tubes.

ScanTrac Finds a Wide Range of Contaminants

  1. Metal
  2. Glass
  3. Stones
  4. Bones

Verify the Contents of
Boxes and Cartons

Many customers also leverage ScanTrac X-ray inspection systems to verify the contents within the container. As one example, ScanTrac software can determine the presence of a metalized foil bag containing a toy within a box of cereal or a seasoning packet within a package of soup noodles.

ScanTracs are available in multiple models to account for variances of products’ shape, size, and inspection requirements. The list below illustrates just a few product types our machines currently inspect.

  1. Small cartons (similar to lunchbox sized milk cartons)
  2. Medium boxes (cereal boxes )
  3. Large boxes
  4. Cases

ScanTrac Minimizes False Rejects

The best inspection systems need to both find defects when they occur and minimize false rejects. False rejects are expensive – both due to the loss of salable product as well as the labor costs attributable to analyzing the rejects.

ScanTrac minimizes false rejects through its exceptionally repeatable inspection process that is not sensitive to temperature, humidity, condition of product, etc.

In many applications, the false reject rate on ScanTrac systems is on the order of 1:100,000.