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Equipment Rental

Get Short Term Rental Equipment or Rent-to-Buy

Whether you are dealing with a short term challenge of inspecting potentially contaminated product or you want to try out the benefits of ScanTrac X-Ray inspection before you buy, InspX has a short-term rental program that can be custom designed for you.

InspX has a wide selection of rental equipment available in-stock for immediate shipment to your location. In many cases we can ship equipment the same day as receiving your request.

A Variety of Rental Options

  • ScanTrac Solo (cans, foil containers)
  • ScanTrac Solo Plus (large cans, gallon jugs)
  • ScanTrac Crescendo (tall cans or plastic containers)
  • ScanTrac Trio (glass bottles)
  • ScanTrac Atempo (small bags, trays, pill packs, boxes)
  • ScanTrac Atempo HD (high sensitivity for small foreign material)
  • ScanTrac Forte (larger bags, trays, bulk product)
  • ScanTrac Largo (very large cases)
  • ScanTrac Adagio (highest sensitivity for hard to detect foreign material)
  • ScanTrac Fermata (piped product)
  • ScanTrac Fermata Trio (piped product with high sensitivity)
  • ScanTrac Brioso (webbed products)

Thoroughly Rebuilt &
In Stock Today

All rental equipment is offered with our latest inspection software and goes through a rigorous process that includes:

  1. Complete ReconditioningTo ensure “as new” machine performance, including upgrading internal component to the latest and greatest
  2. Meticulous 100-point InspectionTo validate proper machine operation and ensure reliable operation for years to come

Our large new machine sales volume helps ensure that we have a large number of rental machines in stock. In stock machines are ready to ship in 24 hours and are typically delivered within 6 business days in the continental United States. Send us your product today and we’ll conduct a feasibility test for you right away.

Remember that X-Ray inspection systems can also serve in checkweigher or metal detector applications.

If you are looking for rental X-Ray inspection equipment, please give us a call or click here to request more information.