Container Stops

Container Stops

Container stops in both “normally open” and “normally closed” configurations

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Key Stats

Efficient DC magnet
Rollers and wedges
Unit types
Available in ‘Normally Open’ or ‘Normally Closed’ modules
120 VAC, 230 VAC, or 24 VDC
Encapsulated “wash down” proof
Conveyor or gravity chute

Typical Applications

Integrates with all Peco InspX manufactured machines

The Container Stops come in "normally open" or "normally closed" configurations

Available in normally open or normally closed models. In the normally open (Electro-Arm) configuration, the actuator finds and divides containers with an increasing force which reaches its maximum as containers build up behind the stop when power is applied. The stop returns to the open state when power is taken off. In the normally closed (Auto-Stop) configuration a permanent magnet holds the armature and container in place. On application of power the actuator is withdrawn and the stop opens, allowing containers to flow. The stop returns to the closed state after power is taken off.

Tech Specs

Model Open/Closed Container Stops
Power Requirements 120 VAC @ 240 mA/60 Hz

230 VAC @ 120 mA/60 Hz

24 VDC @ 1.2 A

Operating Temperature Range -15° to 60°C (0° to 140°F)
Holding Force 25 foot pounds
Closing Time 100 milliseconds
Opening Time 225 milliseconds


Electro-Mechanical Stops

Available in AC or DC to regulate the flow of almost any single file container line. Proven electromagnetic technology ensures both reliable and economical operation. 24 VDC models meet CE specifications for low voltage equipment in production areas.


Custom Engineering Solutions

Because Peco-InspX is a dedicated manufacturer of automated inspection equipment, we bring a wealth of engineering expertise on an almost unlimited number of inspection applications. If you have a unique inspection requirement, please talk to us.