Ejectors/Diverters for Top Down

Ejectors/Diverters for Top Down

Range of high speed ejection and diversion solutions for top down applications

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Typical Applications

The Allegro Machine is exceptionally easy to use.

Tech Specs

Machine Architectures Top-Down X-Ray system
X-Ray Tube Configuration Width: 254mm (10 inches)
Product/Package Size

Height: 457mm (18 inches)

Width: 485mm (15 Inches)

Environment One modular, high performance x-ray assembly
Speed IP 66 (IP 69K optional)
Voltage 120-240VAC @ 2.4kVA, 50/60 Hz single phase
Air 80psi @5cfm (for ejection only)
Temperature 1ºC – 45ºC (34ºF – 133ºF)
Container Ejection Full family of ejection options available