Accurate fill level and head space monitoring

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Key Stats

Variable Speeds
Automatically adjusts
Over 300 m/minute
Remote internet connection
Fault segregation
Supports multiple rejectors
Cap and closure faults such as missing & cocked
Non-contact measuring

Typical Applications

Inspects wide range of packages for minimum fill
Confirms minimum head space in cans and jars for proper thermal processing
Assures contents present in multiple fill operations prior to liquid filling
Detects low pressure PET bottles when liquid level falls

The FillTrac offers the latest in technology.

The FillTrac Fill Level Inspection System integrates Peco’s 40 year experience in fill level inspection with the latest in technology to provide the best inspection available in a compact, easy to use, and environmentally sound, design.

Tech Specs

Model FillTrac G or X
Machine Architecture Side View
Conveyor None required. Installs over single file production conveyors
Line Speed Up to 3000 containers/minute
Environment IP 65
Ambient Temperature 1°C – 40°C (Up to 45°C with optional AC)
Power Requirements 120VAC – 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature 1ºC – 45ºC (34ºF – 133ºF)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 805 x 178 x 424 mm


Confirmation of Contents

Confirmation of labeled contents in beverage containers including glass bottles, PET bottles, metal cans, and composite containers.

Verification of Head Space

Verification of minimum head space in food cans for thermal processing requirements.

Fill Level Evaluation

Monitor average fill levels for evaluation of filler performance.

Minimum Solid Contents

Assure minimum solids contents in multiple fill processed food applications.

Checking for Underfill and Overfill

Checking for underfill and/or overfill in all liquid packaging including personal care products, automotive additives, garden supplies and cleaning agents.


Automated Printing

Our automated printing option allows fully automatic printing of detailed sampling information on each container, which eliminates the need for an expensive takeaway conveyor to properly sequence samples.