Ejectors/Diverters for Side View

Ejectors/Diverters for Side View

Range of high speed ejection and diversion solutions for side view applications

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Key Stats

Minimizes down time at product changeover
Simultaneous inspections
Ownership costs
On-board diagnostics minimize ownership costs
Inspection or ejection parameters
Up to 8
Made in the USA

Typical Applications

Missing/Cocked caps
Missing/Open flaps
Missing labels
Missing contents

The MultiTrac s a multi-purpose inspection and ejector controller.

The Peco MultiTrac is a multi-purpose inspection and ejector controller. Using up to 4 sensors, inspections like high cap, missing cap, and missing foil can be achieved simultaneously with only step by step programming at the on-screen interface. Once a container is marked as defective, a programmable output pulse is given and a the container removed from the production line using one of Peco InspX wide range of ejector or diverter offerings.

Tech Specs

Model MultiTrac
Line Mode Operation Variable or Fixed Speed
Operating Temperature Range -15°C – 58°C (0°F – 135°F)
Power Requirements 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Outputs 4 total outputs with a rating of 100mA at 30VDC
Inputs 4 total inputs of 12VDC at 10mA


Multi-Product Memory

The MultiTrac’s multi-product memory minimizes down-time at change-over by recalling up to eight inspections and rejection parameters. Repeatability is guaranteed and quality is assured.

Ruggedly Engineered For Long Term Durability

The MultiTrac is engineered in a NEMA4 enclosure for long-term survivability in the harshest environment.

User Friendly

The MultiTrac offers the convenience and flexibility of online help and step by step setup. On board diagnostics readily detect and pinpoint any cause of system failure. Multiple product memory and flexible inspection parameters ensure quick changeovers on multi-product lines.

Rejector Options

MultiTrac can be used with any of Peco’s low maintenance case or container rejecters. Peco’s high-speed container rejecters smoothly reject any size or shape of open or closed container of 2400 CPM. Heavy duty case ejectors can reject up to 50 pound cases at 150 CPM.


Preconfigured Inspection Stations

Peco InspX offers pre-built inspection stations to pair up with the MultiTrac to make integration and installation easy. Examples include Missing Foil, Missing Cap, and High & Cocked Cap just to name a few. Each of these stations include a floor mountable stand with hardware, height adjust with 120mm (5.0 in) of vertical adjustment, and sensors to perform the desired inspection.