Inspection of packets or pouches in a continuous web

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Key Stats

X-ray tube
High performance monoblock
Up to 600 ft/minute
Easy with integrated conveyor
Remote to minimizes costs
Advanced inspection

Typical Applications


The Brioso provides high speed inspection of packets + pouches.

The ScanTrac Brioso provides high speed inspection of a web of pouches and packets such as those used to package a variety of dry powders. Pouches and packets can be made from paper, plastic, metalized film or aluminum foil. The Brioso leverages InspX’s renown X-Ray inspection architecture to provide the highest level of speed and contaminant detection capability. The compact inspection assembly inspects as the pouches travel vertically and installs in a short linear space with minimum disruption to line operations. The Brioso’s advanced software minimizes false rejects and makes it quick and easy to change the inspection setup for different types of products.

Tech Specs

Machine Architectures Single beam
X-Ray Tube Configuration One modular, high performance x-ray assembly
Product/Package Size Width: up to 8 inches

Height: No limitations

Environment IP 65 (IP 69K optional)
Speed Up to 183m/minute (600 ft/minute) standard, higher speed available
Voltage Without AC: System 117VAC/230V, 50/60 Hz single phase
Temperature 1ºC – 40ºC (up to 45ºC with optional air conditioner)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 937 x 912 x 1628 mm


High Speed Inspection

The Brioso is designed for very high speed environments of up to 600 linear feet per minute, which depending on packet size translates to speeds in excess of 5,000 packets per minute!

Designed to Meet Requirements for Food Processing Environments

The Brioso is rated NEMA 4X and is available with an IP69K rating for use in the harshest of wash down environments, meeting the most demanding sanitary standards.

Reliable Reject Ejection

The location of defective packets is electronically transmitted to a downstream cutting device, where such packets are automatically removed from the production line.

Real-Time Support

The Brioso’s Internet link and on-board diagnostic tools assure instantaneous, round-the-clock remote support by experienced personnel.


Custom Engineering Solutions

Because Peco-InspX is a dedicated manufacturer of automated inspection equipment, we bring a wealth of engineering expertise on an almost unlimited number of inspection applications. If you have a unique inspection requirement, please talk to us.