Fermata Trio

Fermata Trio

Triple beam pipeline X-ray inspection ideal for detection of asymmetric foreign material, including bone

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Key Stats

X-ray tube
Triple beam 600W metal ceramic
Metal detection size
0.8 mm SS
Glass detection size
1.5 mm SLG
Up to 233 m/min
Available in 2,3 and 4 inch

Typical Applications

Bulk tomato inspections
Ground beef inspections
Pumped chicken/turkey

The Fermata Trio leverages InspX’s triple beam architecture.

The ScanTrac Fermata Trio is the most advanced pipeline x-ray inspection system available today. The Fermata Trio leverages InspX’s triple beam architecture, which in field tests has proven to improve the detection of foreign material by 60% over similar single beam systems.

Tech Specs

Machine Architectures Side-view X-Ray system
X-Ray Tube Configuration One metal ceramic tube – three X-Ray beams
Pipeline Size Diameter options: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch
Environment IP 69K standard
Speed Up to 183m/minute (600 ft/minute)
Voltage System 120V/230V, 50/60 Hz single phase
Air For ejection only (as required)
Temperature 1ºC – 40ºC (up to 45ºC with optional air conditioner)
Dimensions 1229 x 1590 x 1554 mm


High Speed Operation

The Fermata Trio is designed to operate at speeds exceeding 600 linear feet per minute, which is in excess of 300 gallons per minute.

Optimized Detection of Real-World Contaminants

The triple beam architecture excels at detecting asymmetric contaminants such as bones. In a triple beam system, any foreign material where at least one dimension meets the minimum detection threshold will be accurately detected. Furthermore, this improvement in detection resolution is achieved without any increase in false rejects or trade off in inspection speed.

Reliable Reject Ejection

The Fermata Trio includes a ball valve assembly for the reliable rejection of contaminated product.

Real-Time Support

The Fermata Trio’s Internet link and on-board diagnostic tools assure instantaneous, round-the-clock remote support by experienced personnel.


Operations Guardian

Operations Guardian is a revolutionary monitoring system that offers a variety of advantages:

  • Real time system and performance monitoring of each machine
  • Proactive outreach from Peco-InspX service when problems occur
  • Insight into operational performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic archiving and classification of reject images
  • Optional archiving of all inspection images
Custom Engineering Solutions

Because Peco-InspX is a dedicated manufacturer of automated inspection equipment, we bring a wealth of engineering expertise on an almost unlimited number of inspection applications. If you have a unique inspection requirement, please talk to us.

Remote Operator Console

The remote operator console provides complete system monitoring and control up to 6 meters from the system unit.

Diverse Ejection Options

Peco-InspX offer over 15 distinct ejection solutions to handle any application. All diverters and ejectors are designed and built in California, USA.