Multiple beam system well suited for larger glass containers including gallon sized jars

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Key Stats

X-ray tube
High power 600W
Metal detection size
0.8 mm SS
Glass detection size
1.5 mm SLG
Up to 700ft/minute

Typical Applications

Glass food containers
Glass beverage containers
Enhanced metal can inspection

The Glissando is our highest performance glass in glass inspection platform.

Peco InspX offers two high performance glass in glass X-ray inspection systems: the ScanTrac Trio and the ScanTrac Glissando/Glissando Plus. The Glissando is Peco InspX’s highest performance glass in glass inspection platform.

The Glissando is also available in a large container format system (Glissando Plus) that is optimized for gallon sized glass containers, including pickle jars.

Tech Specs

Machine Architectures Side-view X-ray system
X-Ray Tube Configuration One metal ceramic tube
Product/Package Size Width: 175mm (7 inches)

Height: 127mm (5 Inches)

Environment IP 65 (IP 69K optional)
Speed Up to 198m/minute (650 ft/minute)
Voltage Without AC: System 120-230V @ 1.8kVA, 50/60 Hz single phase

With AC: System 120-230V @ 3.6kVA, 50/60 Hz single phase

Air 80psi @5cfm (for ejection only)
Temperature 1°C – 40°C (up to 45°C with optional air conditioner)
Container Ejection Full family of ejection options available
Conveyor Includes internal conveyor
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1278 x 2362 x 1054 mm


Advanced X-Ray Tube/Detector Design

The Glissando leverages a single metal ceramic X-ray tube with two high sensitivity detectors. This design provides a multiple geometry inspection approach with a single X-ray source.

No Requirement for Container Spacing

Note that this inspection geometry does not require any container spacing between adjacent containers.

Ultra High Speed 0.8mm Detectors

0.8mm resolution detectors offer the best combination of speed and ability to detect lower density types of glass contaminants.

HDRX Inspection Software

Peco InspX high resolution inspection software or HDRX is the most advanced automated inspection software available today. The software features algorithms for:

  • Fill Level
  • Headspace Calculation
  • Void Detection
  • 15 Different Foreign Material Inspections
  • Dent Detection
  • Cap and Lid Detection
  • Mass Measurement
Large Container Glissando

The Glissando features two height adjustable X-ray beams that allow it to provide 100% coverage of even the largest containers (the system was designed specifically to inspect glass gallon pickle jar containers).

Category 4 Safety Features

Each Peco InspX X-ray system is designed to meet the most rigorous worldwide safety standards.

24x7 Support

While many inspection equipment providers offer some form of remote support, only Peco InspX can confidently demonstrate that we quickly resolve over 95% of customer issues with our powerful remote diagnostics software.


Operations Guardian

Operations Guardian is a revolutionary monitoring system that offers a variety of advantages:

  • Real time system and performance monitoring of each machine
  • Proactive outreach from Peco InspX service when problems occur
  • Insight into operational performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic archiving and classification of reject images
  • Optional archiving of all inspection images
Custom Engineering Solutions

Because Peco InspX is a dedicated manufacturer of automated inspection equipment, we bring a wealth of engineering expertise on an almost unlimited number of inspection applications. If you have a unique inspection requirement, please talk to us.

Sanitary Design

The Allegro is available with an optional washdown (IP69K) cabinet and full sanitary conveyor made by Dorner manufacturing.

P69K Enclosure

The Glissando can be equipped with an IP69K enclosure for high pressure wash down environments.

Remote Operator Console

The remote operator console provides complete system monitoring and control up to 6 meters from the system unit.

Diverse Ejection Options

Peco InspX offer over 15 distinct ejection solutions to handle any application. All diverters and ejectors are designed and built in California, USA.