Pressure and vacuum measurement for metal lids

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Key Stats

Setup and product changeover
Deflection detection capability
+/- 0.005”
Speed capability
Up to 2000 cpm
Advanced remote capability

Typical Applications

Standard metal containers
Ring pull metal containers
Plastic and glass containers with metal lid

The VacTrac III is an effective way to verify the presence of a vacuum or pressure seal

The VacTrac III provides a robust and cost effective way to verify the presence of a vacuum or pressure seal on a container. The VacTrac uses a simple yet elegant inspection sensor that has proven to be exceptionally accurate and reliable, inspecting tens of millions of containers.

The VacTrac III offers a modern computing platform which delivers an easy to use system interface coupled with powerful online support when you need help. Also, the VacTrac can be purchased with an optional analytics package that provides exceptional insight into the machine’s inspection performance.

Tech Specs

Deflection Accuracy +/- 0.005”
Maximum Container Size No limit on height, width: 6.0” (152.4mm)
Speed Up to 2,000 containers per minute (CPM)
Operator Interface Touchscreen monitor 17.0” (432mm)
Construction Food Grade Stainless Steel
Ambient Temperature 0ºC – 50ºC (32ºF – 122ºF)
Power Requirements 120VAC or 230VAC 50/60 single phase, 30W
Container Ejection Full lineup of ejection options available
Dimensions (LxWxH) 457 x 89 x 1524 mm


Vacuum Verification for Cans

The VacTrac contains several algorithms for measuring lid deflection in cans. Setting up the VacTrac takes just minutes and you’ll get repeatable reliable inspection performance.

Pressure Verification For Pull Tab Containers

The VacTrac’s sophisticated software algorithms can compensate for the position of a pull tab during the inspection process!

Tamper Evident Band Inspection

The VacTrac can support a wide variety of external sensors to support additional product inspections, including checking for the presence of a tamper evident band.


Tamper Band Presence Verification

The VacTrac can accommodate a variety of external sensors including one that can verify the presence of a tamper resistance band wrap. Setting up the sensor within the VacTrac takes just a few minutes.