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Aluminum Bottle Inspection

More and more containers are made with aluminum – but these are trickier to inspect when looking for foreign materials. A challenge is that during the production process, there might be small, hard-to-see pieces of aluminum stuck inside the bottle. Up until recently, there hasn’t been a great way of inspecting for foreign contaminants during aluminum bottle inspection.

If you’re familiar with empty bottle inspection, you know you can purchase something called a “glass empty bottle inspector”, and it will check the entire glass bottle to make sure it’s okay to fill with product.

With aluminum bottles, a similar technology has not been available largely because these containers are not transparent – so you can’t use a vision-based technology; you need an X-ray system. (After all, sometimes you’re looking for a piece of aluminum wire that’s less than 0.1 millimeters thick.) But aluminum is particularly difficult to detect for most X-ray systems because it’s lower in density than most other metals.

Well, we’ve got some good news.

With the development of our high-resolution inspection technology, we’ve been able to inspect these bottles for foreign material and container integrity; and find the fragments easily at inspection speeds.

So if you’re a user of aluminum models and you’re interested in how to ensure an empty bottle is truly ready to be filled with product, use Peco InspX machines in your plants for phenomenal results.

You’ll be able to determine the entire container bottle width to ensure the minimum thickness so that the bottle has high integrity. You’ll notice the amount of resolution in the resulting images is about 100 to 500 times greater than what you typically see with an X-ray system. The false reject rate is exceptionally low, as well. We have one customer inspecting empty cans who tell us that their false reject rate is about 1 in 1 billion (we know: we almost didn’t believe it, either).

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