Bulk Product Inspection

With bulk inspection, you don’t just want an X-ray machine: you want an inspection solution. That’s because material handling is so important with bulk that if the X-ray doesn’t work correctly, the entire solution doesn’t work well. So, Peco InspX focuses on is complete systemic design.

First, what can you find in bulk inspection?

Let’s say you’re a nut or bean operator (think almonds). Color sorters are used extensively to get things out of the product stream that is not the product itself – but they don’t do a very good job with dense materials like rocks. That’s because often rocks and your product, like nuts or beans, look very similar to a color sorter, so it can’t distinguish between the two.

An X-ray inspection system will be much better at removing foreign material because the density differences in rocks or even plastics are exceptionally well-detected in bulk systems. The product is normally almost mono-layered on top of the belt, so you get an incredibly high-fidelity inspection.

Couple that with a rejection solution that matches your expected defect rate; to minimize the amount of product you’re rejecting. A waterfall air-blast system or a lift gate can be great for that. But to have a holistic solution – designed to handle your flow rate, and your expected rate of product defect occurrence and ejection – we’ve invested in a variety of bulk conveyors. They’re designed to do realistic FAPs at our facility in Modesto.

So when you need a bulk solution, call Peco InspX.

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