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Finding Glass Shards in Glass Containers

Glass packaging’s advantages are persuasive – recyclable, inert, highly valued by consumers. However, packaging products in glass risks introduction of glass shards or other breakages into the container – contaminating product and compromising safety. How do you reap the rewards of glass while mitigating risks?

Reliable, Next Generation Glass Detection

Peco InspX designs advanced X-ray inspection systems to detect glass shards inside of glass containers – the key is automated, multi-beam technology.

During manufacturing, cracked glass containers can create shards that fall inside the product.  Glass shards and glass containers have the same material density – other inspection systems might not detect the difference.

Asymmetric shards include one dimension which is often very narrow and difficult to detect.  Peco InspX multi-beam X-ray systems find virtually all glass fragments inside glass containers.  Multi-beam systems inspect from multiple angles at once to find asymmetric shards.

The Peco InspX Scantrac Trio

Three views of X-ray images of a glass container with a glass shard contaminant.

The Peco InspX Scantrac Glissando

High resolution imaging software analyzes the difference between shard and container.

Protect your customers and brand with Peco InspX.

Learn more about how Peco InspX can enhance your glass production. Get in touch via the form on this page or give us a call at 800-732-6285. For additional information about Glass Container Inspection, please download our eBook

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