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Full Container Beverage Inspection

Today most beverage plants have fill level monitors that look at the very top of a container to make sure that it’s filled and some systems even have a little bit more sophistication around finding missing vent tubes etc but what they don’t do is inspect the entire container.

Volumetric Calculations

One of the advantages of a full container X-ray inspection system is it can do volumetric
calculations. The full container X-ray system is not inspecting only at the fill level. It is also looking at the amount of product in the container.

Why is that important? Because if you have cans with slightly different geometry from different manufacturers the fill level is not going to be representative of the amount of product in the container.

The bottom line is you’re probably overfilling your containers and wasting money. A full container beverage inspection system ensures you are getting the right amount of product in each container.

Contamination Detection

The second benefit of full container X-ray inspection systems is finding contaminants in the container so no matter what you lose on your production line the can that’s contaminated will get ejected. When that capability is connected to our
filler monitoring solution we know the filler port that that can came from so you’ll know right away that port 162 has
a missing jet and needs to be fixed.

Maximize your productivity, eliminate downtime, and make machine maintenance a much more simple process.

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