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Peco InspX recently introduced high-resolution x-ray machines, which can image down of 48-micron resolution. What does this mean? Even better imaging power.

We set out to demonstrate the high resolution of the Peco InspX Shield Allegro using an AM / PM pill packet provided by one of our customers. The objective was to identify broken or missing components held within the packaging.

This can be done in a number of ways, the simplest being a count of objects that meet a certain density level. Because of the extreme level of density discrimination even small changes in density are visible in the image. (The software can easily be modified to also count by size or density).

For the test the conveyor speed was set to 20 meters a second, the Peco InspX Shield Allegro High Resolution can take speeds of up to 70 meters a second.

Image of the pill pack used in the test:

The three x-ray images shown:

Correct number of components on each side:

Missing component on the left pouch and a broken component within the right pouch:

Left pill pouch contains a broken pill with the right side showing the correct number of pills:

The system can be programmed to automatically flag any additional pills or pill’s which are missing. Using high resolution x-ray inspection ensures your product is released out into the market contaminant free, without breakages every time.

Ensure your integrity remains a priority by using high resolution x-ray.

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