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Highlights of Pack Expo 2021

It’s been a long two years since the industry has been able to engage face to face. After 18 months of almost exclusively indirect collaboration via Zoom, calls and email, Pack Expo provided a dynamic forum for manufacturers, suppliers and colleagues to discuss industry challenges, emerging technologies and opportunities for new applications.

Peco InspX’ exhibition of X-ray Inspection Solutions in Pack Expo 2021 in Las Vegas was a great opportunity to meet new producers and catch up with existing customers. Unfortunately, not everyone could make the journey.

The video below highlights the solutions we featured at Pack Expo which you may have missed including X-ray inspection systems, Integrated multi-system Dashboards, and an introduction of an innovative solution for Empty Glass X-ray (EGX).

Whether we had a chance to discuss your situation at Pack Expo and you’d like to learn more – or if we could catch you up on the range of solutions we presented – we encourage you to reach out to us by phone or electronically.

If you’d be interested in setting up a demonstration of our Industry 4.0 Dashboard to see how X-ray inspection can optimize your production – let us know and we’ll set up a time to elaborate.

Peco InspX looks forward to demonstrating how our technology outperforms other inspection systems – let us help you deliver a quality product.

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