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How We Differentiate Ourselves

We want to step back and discuss just what we’re doing at Peco InspX as we move the ball forward on the next generation of X-ray systems – and how we differentiate ourselves from the other folks in this space.

There are a few things we constantly re-emphasize about our company:

  • We are an engineering solutions company, not just an X-ray provider

We don’t sell boxes of X-ray machines: we sell a fully engineered solution for your application; when you turn it on, it will work and get the results you need. That involves a lot of engineering and testing that other companies may not have the capability or robustness to do. When you show up for an FTA with us, we’re going to run your product exactly as you specified so you’re confident that it will work.

  • We do testing on components before we put them in the machines

Food safety can mean preventing people from being hurt, and we take that seriously. So we’re obsessed with testing each part of the machine before it goes into the final product. Knowing that each and every component works well individually and as part of the whole means, you know that you can ensure the safety of your product.

  • Our engineering organization

These are people who do mechanical and software engineering to make machines. That’s exceptionally important because, at the end of the day, those are what make the machine actually work. The machine must be able to get the product into place; inspect meticulously; create a high-resolution image; store the images and inspect them again that’s highly repeatable and never fails. And if there is a mechanical or software issue, our team works hard so that you can recover as quickly as possible. An X-ray machine is only as good as its operational ability and the confidence it provides you that it’s working.


All of that pulled together makes us a very focused organization on quality machine manufacturing and very high availability systems that protect your business – whether that be food, pharmaceuticals, or any other type of application.

We love to talk with people about what we can do for them; so if you have an inspection problem you haven’t been able to solve, please reach out to us!


To learn more about our innovative company, please visit our website, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel. We look forward to working with you!

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