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IV Bag Quality Management with X-Ray Inspection

IV bag

This blog describes how X-ray Inspection technology can help keep medical supplies free of contaminants and defects.

Manufacturers of IV bags want to ensure that bags are both free from foreign material and sealed to not leak. Modern x-ray inspection systems are capable of performing both of these functions with incredible levels of precision and in a way that is easily integrated with modern IV bag production lines.

With a standard resolution x-ray system, 1.5 mm glass and 0.8 mm metal contaminants are reliably detectable (glass contamination x-ray image shown below).

How IV Bag Inspection Works

IV bags are typically conveyed hung from the top of the bag (as shown below). Peco InspX has developed a specialized version of its renowned side view x-ray inspection platform that allows complete inspection of the bags without any modification of existing conveyor systems. This system has an open top that allows the bags to convey through in completely non-contact fashion.

Peco InspX Side View IV Bag Inspection System

side view inspection of IV bag

The bags enter the x-ray system for inspection as completed packages (ie the actual IV bag is sealed in its protective outer plastic shell). The presence of this outer shell has no impact on the physical inspection process. In fact, if there are any seal issues with the shell or the bag itself, water condensation will appear on the inside of the shell and that water is very easily detected by the system.

Bags can also be inspected lying flat on a conveyor belt but the ability to detect sealing problems may be reduced depending on how seal leak caused condensation pools in the container.





Below are examples of images generated by a Peco InspX inspection machine. The first image shows a soda lime glass contaminant and the second shows a bad with a seal issue resulting in water condensation on the bag shell.

1.5 mm (sphere) Soda Lime Glass In a Standard IV Bag

Soda Lime Glass in IV bag

4 Droplets of Water on the Inside of the Outer IV Bag Shell

Water Condensation droplets on IV bag shell


If you have questions about X-ray inspection applications for your medical supplies or other inspection needs, contact Peco InspX today.

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