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Peco InspX – 65 Years Ensuring Container Integrity

Long before the introduction of X-ray inspection technology, Peco Controls helped ensure production quality throughout the food and beverage industries since 1955. As a pioneer in the field of X-ray inspection for packaged and bulk products, Peco InspX has moved from strength to strength to become a global industry leader. Learn more about our history and milestones in this brief video.

We started our operations in 1955 in Santa Clara County when our customers were fruit canners.

These products met the developing needs for non-contact sensing and control for the emerging canning and can manufacturing industry being pioneered in Santa Clara County.

We have evolved with the valley and our product development is in what is now Silicon Valley.

Our products build on a tradition of innovation that is enhanced by the foundation that our location provides.

The Peco InspX development of the Scantrac X-ray Inspection system over the past 20 years has radically changed the way companies plan for process and quality control.


Learn more about Peco InspX’s 65+ years of milestones in this useful infographic . We’d be happy to discuss the specifics of your inspection needs – let our years of experience inform a cost-effective, highly reliable inspection solution for you.

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