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Best-in-Class X-ray Inspection Remote Support from Peco InspX


Demand for packaged foods has recently surged, as almost all households are limiting the frequency of their shopping and relying on more extensive pantries. As a result, manufacturing lines are operating near-maximum capacity and cannot afford any downtime. We at Peco InspX understand how important it is to resolve production issues as quickly as possible – and with the least amount of interaction possible. To support our customer base and the overall food and beverage supply chain, our service and parts organizations are still operating at full capacity.

We are also living through an era when the health of your family, your customers, and yourself is paramount. Virus transmission mitigation plans have led to many of our customers implementing greater restrictions: who can enter the plant, who can access the machinery, and – if outsiders are allowed – what protective procedures they must follow. These are understandable changes. Balancing the risks of potential virus exposure with the need to resolve manufacturing issues must seem like a no-win proposition to every plant manager.

At Peco InspX, we are fully committed to our customers’ wellbeing. Our policies take health concerns seriously while continuing to provide the same level of service. A key to these policies is our remote diagnostic support systems. The robust diagnostic platform allows our trained technicians to address the majority of customer issues remotely.

Remote Support has been a stand-out feature of Peco InspX systems since 2002. While it is critical during a health crisis, the support is built into the fabric of the machines, whatever the era or need. Peco InspX built remote support capacity into the systems from the outset to facilitate timely and expert level support on a 24/7/365 basis. The health crisis magnifies the benefits of this design feature.


The Advantage of Remote Support

“Remote Support” means Peco InspX helps to keep your lines running without needing to visit the facility. This overall reduces the number of outside people who are in your plant.

Being able to solve an issue from a distance also reduces the lag time between finding the problem and finding a resolution, which is generally down time for your lines. This can allow companies to save tens of thousands of dollars or more. Extra steps — such as an engineer traveling to the site, figuring out the problem from there, and finally ordering parts — are removed; which means speedier resolutions and improved response time. Remote Support minimizes costs compared to an on-site visit and eliminates travel expenses.

This doesn’t replace the availability of a service call — if a problem can’t be fully addressed online, then one of our technicians will still visit your facility. However, remote support means we can point out where customers can make diagnostics on their own; and identify what will be needed if we do have to make an in-person service call. Customers can have peace-of-mind knowing that every technician on staff is trained and certified in X-ray and radiation operations and safe practices.

If a technician does have to visit a site, then first running remote diagnostics lets us identify what machine parts are needed so that we can order them ahead of time — which means the parts are already there by the time the technician arrives. This saves a lot of additional downtime: instead of a technician going to the site (maybe days later); then identifying the problem; then ordering parts; then potentially waiting in a hotel room for parts to arrive; then waiting some more in person to see if the system will now work — all of this adds down time when the machine could have been fixed much sooner thanks to remote support.

The time to conduct an online remote support session typically takes less than an hour.


Some Issues That Can Be Solved Remotely

With online diagnostics, nearly any system or operational issues can be solved remotely; and parts can be shipped immediately to address hardware issues. We can immediately help when a customer needs setup assistance; or if a line is down because the false reject rate is too high.

The most common issue that we address is remote product setup. Perhaps a customer wants to run a different container size through the system but hasn’t run that size Walking the Walkfor a while; or perhaps the customer wants to inspect a completely new container size. With remote support, Peco InspX can assist with product setup so that the

machine is configured correctly. Examples include finding the container edge, auto-sizing, and adjusting resolution. To complete the setup, remote technicians run “test contaminants” through the system.

Other than being able to physically put the container on the line, we can interface with the system’s software as if we were standing at the machine’s touchscreen (while the customer watches in real time). While the remote support session is underway, customers and technicians can communicate either by phone or real-time chat. Additionally, if a technician needs to grab a customer’s attention, then all the lights on the machine will flash.


Peco InspX Machines: Designed for Remote Support

Remote support has been a feature of Peco InspX machines since 2002. The support is not just “an offer” — it is fundamental to our customer support strategy. All components in the systems were designed so that they could be addressed remotely, built into the software of the machines. They provide telemetry information that automatically measures and transmits data to our engineers, regardless of distance.

The inspection machines can record and store images; allowing engineers to pinpoint problems. Technicians have access to event logs of past reject images and data.

Should a question about a prior day’s production arise, the technician can pull up that particular day’s reject information and aid in the production analysis.


Our Service Programs

Peco InspX offers two levels of service contracts. The first service program includes remote support during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm PST) at no additional charge. The contract also provides customers with an annual on-site visit from a technician. All X-ray machines must be legally inspected once a year for radiation, in every U.S. state. This onsite service ensures compliance with any requirement for radiation surveys.

Peco InspX also offers a premium plan that includes two free visits per year and 24-hour Remote Support. Customers of this plan also receive a discount on any machine parts purchased.


Unlimited, Worldwide Support

Long before the current global guidance to limit face-to-face interaction, Peco InspX provided remote assistance to customers needing timely, skilled technical support. Now more than ever, we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep our customers up and running. Our helpdesk is available 24/7, every day of the year. So no matter the time zone, technicians can diagnose a problem, access the system, and be online and present with customers.

Our extensive service and parts organizations are still operating at full capacity. With remote diagnostics, engineers are able to identify needed parts, and have them shipped to customers without an in-person visit.

While Peco InspX’s global headquarters are in Burlingame, California, USA, we offer worldwide 24/7 coverage. We offer multilingual support in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog and French.


Here to Serve

Peco InspX prioritizes the health and wellbeing of customers. Our remote support systems are designed to minimize contact, lag time, and expense while maximizing quality and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can visit our website,  LinkedIn, or YouTube channel.

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