FREMONT, CALIFORNIA —November 17, 2015 — Peco InspX is pleased to announce the availability of an advanced x-ray inspection system for large bulk pails up 12”(305 mm) wide and 18” (460 mm) high. X-Ray inspection of large pails and their contents offers superior detection for foreign material compared to current alternative inspection solutions. The Peco InspX ScanTrac PailScsan solution can reliably find metal, glass, stones and other foreign material in much smaller minimum sizes than previously possible. The PailScan can also validate fill level in the pail as well as perform product checkweighing.

While the PailScan is optimized for the inspection of full sealed pails, it can also inspect empty pails for foreign materials as well.

The PailScan solution sits over the customer conveyor and inspects pails in the “standing up” configuration, which means exceptionally easy installation and since the PailScan is completely non-contact, it in no way interferes with the production line.

The PailScan shares its core machine architecture with the Peco InspX family of side-view X-Ray inspection systems (ScanTrac Solo, ScanTrac Crescendo and ScanTrac Trio). Like the Crescendo, the ScanTrac PailScan has two X-Ray tubes, with one X-Ray tube being mounted on an adjustable servo motor system. This adjustable tube design allows for optimal product exposure and superior foreign material detection. The PailScan also features specialized inspection software that addresses the challenges of inspecting larger containers that require higher levels of X-Ray energy.


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