SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA —June 14, 2016 — Peco InspX is pleased to announce its upgraded line of can stops for line control for rigid packaging. A can stop is a device that, when engaged, prevents the movement of containers on the conveyor line, particularly during line start-up or shutdown.

The Peco InspX can stop is an innovative line control solution designed to control container flow for rigid packaging. Unlike other solutions that can damage containers, the Peco InspX can stop uses proven electromagnetic technology to control containers with an increasing force that will not damage or dent the product. When power is removed, the can stop automatically returns to its normal state. The Peco InspX can stop is “wash down” proof, and comes in either normally-open or normally-closed configurations in addition to a variety of voltages to satisfy a wide range of applications.

In announcing the latest generation of can stops, Jeff Souza, the general manager of the Peco Controls division of Peco InspX remarked “the latest generation of can stops builds on over 50 years of experience in can stop design and manufacture.”

Peco InspX manufactures its can stops to the most exacting standards in the USA in our Modesto, California factory and each unit goes through exhaustive quality inspection before it is released for shipment.

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