What’s Different About Peco InspX Machines

Today, we want to take a moment to show you what’s different about Peco InspX machines – and what makes them the machines for your factory.

The most important thing about X-ray imaging is a good image. So, we start with a very advanced metal ceramic X-ray tube. This tube produces the highest contrast images available today. If you’re looking for something in a product, you want a lot of contrast in that image to be able to find it. This makes sure the contaminant image doesn’t blend in with the product image.

The complement of this X-ray tube is the imaging detector. That allows us to see things that no one else can. Imaging is phenomenally important. The inspection software coupled with high-contrast imaging detector will find the things in the image you don’t want to be there.

None of that works if it’s not wrapped in the most reliable platform on the market today. Our systems are not only designed with incredible hardware instrumentation: all key hardware elements in the system report status to the computer, which lets the computer know they’re functioning fine or having issues. That telemetry data can be sent directly to Peco InspX, where our engineers are watching systems live to make sure they’re functioning well.

Another part of data analysis is remote diagnostics. When our machines have an issue in the field, they can be electronically connected to; and 95% of the time, we can resolve that issue without ever coming to your factory. That lowers your cost of ownership, lowers your downtime, and makes your experience with the machine the smoothest it can be.

If you’d like, we can provide a system to test-drive in your own plant.

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