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Advanced Inspection Solutions for Rigid Packaging

Introduction to Peco InspX X-Ray Inspection for Rigid Packaging

Peco InspX specializes in providing advanced X-ray inspection systems tailored for rigid packaging, with a particular emphasis on glass containers. These systems are engineered to meet the rigorous standards required in detecting defects in both glass and metal packaging, ensuring product integrity and safety.


Superior Detection in Glass Packaging

Glass containers, widely used in numerous sectors, require meticulous inspection due to their vulnerability to various structural defects. Peco InspX systems excel in identifying these defects, which are often difficult for traditional vision systems to detect, including:

  • Inclusions: Foreign materials inside the glass.
  • Bird Swings & Swung Baffles: Structural irregularities affecting container strength.
  • Chipped Neck and Mouth: Small damages at critical points.
  • Bent Neck: Alterations in container alignment.
  • Thin Wall: Uneven glass distribution.

Addressing Metal Can Defects with Precision

While the focus on glass packaging is significant, Peco InspX X-ray systems also adeptly address common defects in metal cans. These include:

  • Dents: Structural damage to can bodies.
  • Seam Defects: Flaws in can sealing crucial for product preservation.
  • Underfill: Inadequate product quantity, affecting consistency and compliance.


The Business Case for Enhanced Glass Inspection

Glass container defects, particularly structural in nature, pose a higher risk during filling and capping processes. Early detection of such defects is crucial to prevent breakages, product loss, and production line stoppages. Peco InspX X-ray systems offer unparalleled proficiency in identifying these defects, leading to significant operational benefits including:

  • Reduced Waste: Preventing product loss due to breakages.
  • Decreased Downtime: Ensuring smoother production line operation.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Avoiding damages that require costly repairs.


Assessing ROI in Rigid Packaging Inspection

Investing in Peco InspX X-ray systems yields substantial ROI, particularly for glass packaging lines. The financial advantages are evident in several aspects:

  • Efficiency Gains: Improved defect detection enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced product waste and maintenance costs contribute to financial savings.
  • Rapid Payback Period: Many companies report recovering their investment in less than a year, especially in glass packaging inspection.


Conclusion: Peco InspX X-Ray Systems – A Strategic Choice for Rigid Packaging

Peco InspX X-ray systems represent a strategic choice for businesses focusing on quality control in rigid packaging. While they offer significant advantages for metal can inspection, their impact is most pronounced in glass packaging, where the detection of structural defects is critical for maintaining product integrity and operational efficiency. This makes them an essential tool for companies looking to enhance quality, reduce waste, and achieve a quick return on investment.

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